Geoscan Engineering Consult Limited was registered as a Limited Liability company (RC: 701058). Business commenced immediately after the registration. Each of the technical partners has over ten years field and design experience in the field of civil, geotechnical, shore protection, jetties, water, hydrology, geology, and materials engineering, in big engineering projects across the country.
The company was registered as civil/structural/drainage construction, subsoil geophysical and geotechnical-foundation/groundwater/environmental engineering, consultants and contractors (to perform the following business activities):

• To carry out the business of building and drainage design and construction and
other related jobs

• To carry on the business of structural engineering design and construction, geotechnical engineering investigation and construction, foundation engineering, geophysical investigation, environmental impact assessment

To engage in the business of training of manpower in structural, geotechnical, groundwater and highway projects, borehole drilling and installation, and to act as environmental consultant.

• To undertake the construction, monitoring, planning, development, design and improvement of embankments, excavation, irrigation systems, dams, reclamation, sewage, drainage, sanitary, water, shore protection wall, jetties, borehole, deep foundations in the form of piling, roads and highways, bridges, and other building, water, and civil engineering infrastructures.