The team of geotechnical engineers at Geoscan will generally prepare and oversee a subsurface investigation program to estimate the engineering properties of the soil and bedrock underlying a site.  In many instances, this investigation may include the advancement of conventional test borings or the excavation of shallow test pits across a project site.  In both of these cases, representative samples of the soil and bedrock are typically recovered for visual classification and laboratory testing to determine the material’s basic physical index properties.  In some cases, however, it may be necessary to perform more sophisticated testing, including the advancement of cone penetration tests or geophysical testing where subsurface conditions warrant additional investigation.

WE perform subsoil investigations by exploratory and level drillings, drilling probes, dynamic and cone probings as well as exposures by the building contractor realization of pump, infiltration and tracer tests supervision of geophysical tests and borehole tests soil and rock mechanical laboratory tests as well as chemical water analysis in cooperation with partner laboratories long-term monitoring of ground-water measuring stations, crack monitoring and similar in cooperation with partner offices.


The geotechnical services we provide include:

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
    • Design
    • Construction of Building Apartments
    • Construction of Bridges
    • Jetty designs & construction
  • Underwater assessments