Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing is a non-destructive pile testing method for integrity assessments of augered cast-in-place piles, drilled shafts or driven concrete or timber piles. If major defects exist, test results may be interpreted to estimate their magnitude and location. Test results may also be used to estimate pile length.

The Low Strain Test, also known as Pile Integrity Test (PIT) encompasses the Pulse Echo Method and the Transient Response Method. Tests by either method are normally performed after foundation installation and curing, and require minimal pile preparation. Because of their simplicity, speed of execution and relatively low cost, these integrity tests may be performed on 100% of the piles on a given a job site.

Depending on job conditions and requirements, Geoscan performs the test by the Pulse Echo Method (using a non- instrumented hand held hammer) or by the Transient Response Method (a hammer instrumented with an accelerometer is used).